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Dave, Nadine & Josh

"Dear Shifu, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you did for Joshua while he attended your Kung Fu school.   My hushand and I  (as well as Josh) appreciate the self defense skills you have taught him and I am certain he will always have fond memories of his time at your school. " Thanks again. 

March 2011



"May I tell a brief story?  For years I served as a blood donor, but for the last two years, I have been unable to donate because of my heart rate.  Last week I donated.  My resting rate went from 120 bpm to 95 bpm.  The only difference was Hsing Yi.  I have said all of this to illustrate what I need and want from a martial art.  11/06 I am pleased to report that my resting heart rate has now dropped to 88 bpm.  Hsing Yi has dramatically lowered my stress level." 

December 2006



"Tai Chi has given Marie & I better balance for ballroom dancing moves." Ron & Marie - VFW

December 2006


Paul 70 Years Young

"I was diagnosed with two (2) severely herniated discs and several indications of stenosis.   I walked by grasping and dragging one leg.  Then in October of 2003, I came to the VFW to my first Tai Chi class.  In that time, Tai Chi has taught me to keep my legs strong, hamstrings loose and doing form keeps balanced and limber.  I consider myself "hardcore" student here!!" 

December 2006



"Since I have been doing Tai Chi at the VFW my resting heart rate has dropped to 66 bpm, my blood pressure has dropped from 132/80 to 127/70, I am more limber and flexible, my muscle strength has increased dramatically, which has taken the strain off of my joints, and I always leave class with an uplifting feeling."

December 2006