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Hand Forms


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Hand Forms

In Hsing Yi we use two hand formations, the Hsing Yi Palm and the Fist.   

Hsing Yi Palm

In Hsing Yi, the palm is considered to start at the fingers and end at the shoulder.  Everything in between is the palm.  The hand itself has a special formation to be used throughout all of Hsing Yi.  

To make a Hsing Yi Palm, the fingers are slightly separated and curved forward in a concave manner.  The fingers stretch out with the palm of the hand slightly hollowed.  The thumb is out to the side of the hand at a 90° angle.  When ever the palms are open, the hand is in this formation.  

When striking, depending on the distance to the opponent, you will strike starting with the hollowed palm and/or the heel of the hand, the forearm, elbow, or upper arm.