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5 Element Theory is applied to martial arts, healing, and all aspects of your life and body.  As depicted in this chart, you can see the creation cylce and organs.

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Grandmaster Henry Look

Grandmaster Henry Look doing Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Chuan...Draw The Bow, Shoot The Tiger!

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Henry Look

Taiwan 1956

YC Chiang ~ Kuo Lien Ying ~ Peter Kwok together in Taiwan.  Kuo in the middle, YC Chiang on the left and Peter Kwok on the right.  Thanks to Randy Elia for sharing this special picutre.

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San Ti Shi is a standing mediation posture in Hsing Yi Chuan.  Here you find Shifu standing in San Ti Shi.  Come to the Academy to learn this too...

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General Yue Fei

Hsing Yi Founder 1103 - 1142.

As the story goes, Yue Fei created Eagle Claw and Xingyi boxing. Yue Fei created Eagle Claw for his enlisted soldiers and Xingyi for his officers.  He is also credited for creating Ba Duan Gin or The Eight Pieces of Brocade.

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Hsing Yi - General Yue Fei

Between Yue Fei and Ji Longfeng there is no information

 The lineage from Ji Longfeng forward is still merky but it does provide information leading up to Li Neng Ran where the picture starts to take better historical shape. .

So, watch this movie featureing Hsing Yi by "The One" starring Jet Li.

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Ji Longfeng (Ji Jike)

 1588 - 1662 or 1602 - 1683 unclear.  No information available other than his name.

Learn more about Hsing Yi Chuan...

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Hsing Yi Chuan

Cao Jiwa

No information available other than his name.

You can learn all the Hobei Style of  Hsing Yi Chuan too, just come in and start taking lessons.  Remember you can learn Virtually Online too!!!

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Dai Longbang

1732 - 1801.  No other information available

Take time to visit these pages, make suggestions, and enjoy it.

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Guo Weihan

No information available other than his name.

Search the internet for more information.

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Li Neng Ran (Li Luo Neng)

1809 - 1890.  Native of Shen County, Hebei Province, China.

No pictures or information available.  Watch this demonstration of some Hsing Yi Chuan.

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Hsing Yi Chuan Guo Yun Shen

Guo Yun Shen

Hsing Yi Master Hebei Style.  1829 - 1898

Hsing Yi and Iron Palm expert.  His teaching were based on the "three truths" (san li), the "three capacities" (san gong), the "three methods" (san fa) and the single/double weight notion (danzhong/shuangzhong) during santishi standing practice.  His teaching was to stand still for at least three years before you learn the forms.  Guo Yunshen had learned with Li Luo Neng and was also a member of the Hebei xingyiquan school.  He taught famous students like Qian Yantang, Xu Zhanao, Li Kui Yuan and his disciple Sun Lutang.  Wang Xiangzhai, founder of dachengquan (I Chuan) also claimed to be his disciple.

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Giang Yung Chien

Allegedly Peter Kwoks Kung Fu Teacher,  No information available

Look for the internal power.

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Hsing Yi Chuan Guo Yun Shen

Grandmaster Peter Kwok or Kwok Wong Ngai or Guo He Yi

Year Born Not Known.  Hebei Style Hsing Yi Chuan. 

Little information is know about Peter Kwok.  He was born in China, migrated to Taiwan.  He then entered North America through Van Couver, Cananda and made his way to New York City, New York.  After some time in New York, he then stayed in New Jersey for some years where he opened a Peter Kwoks Kung Fu Academy.  Peter taugth classes at the West Caldwell Adult School at nights too.

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Grandmasters Mark Gates & Patric Hanvey

Founders of China Hand Kung Fu Academy in 1983. 

Shifu Mark on left Hsing Yi Metal and Shifu Pat on right Hsing Yi Earth.  In addition, Shifu Dominick Ruggieri studied Hsing Yi Chuan with Master Randy Elia, Master Gary Torres both of whom studied with Grandmaster Peter Kwok. 

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Hsing Yi Chuan Shifu Mark and Pat