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Kung Fu Quotes...

You do 1,000 times!

A famous quote from Grandmaster Peter Kwok

Lift your head and drop your shoulders.

A famous quote from Shifu

I am not a meat hook so don't hang on me!!!

A famous quote from Yang Cheng Fu

You can do anything you long as you know how!!!

A famous quote from Grandmaster Mark Gates


From a favorite Hsing Yi Teacher of mine Grandmaster Yang Fukui

More HIT ~ Less SPIT!!!

From my Senior Student...Master Po!

NO Kung Fu faster than Speeding Bullet!!!

Kung Fu Grandmaster...Peter Kwok!

The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.

Some philosopher...Arnold H. Glasgow!


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Hua Chuan

China  Fist

China Fist is a system of Shaolin in its own.  It has four barehand routines and two, two man routines.  Hua Chuan or China Style Boxing originated in Jining of Shandong Province, also known as the ancient Rencheng, during the Tang Dynasty (713 - 741) by Cai Mao, a Mount Hua knight.  Some 400 years later, Cai's family, Cai Tai and Cai Gang, competed in national contests and finally developed the style into the present day Hua Chuan.  

Hua Chuan is characterized by its flawless, well connected movements, lightening like speed, and well routed stances.  Practitioner's breathe deeply to bring air to the entire body and the movements are coordinated with mental concentration. 

Each Hua Chuan form has its own section on the website.