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Grand Ultimate Boxing
Taiji Quan

Ranking & Certification ~  Páimíng & Zhèngmíng...

1st Degree Black Sash
 "Serious Student"

Rank Criteria Time In Study
Performance Level


Warm-ups & Stretches

Short Form

1 Year

5.5  - 6.0


Long Form

2 Years

6.0 - 6.5


Simple Push Hands

Shao Lu


Application Form 
1 side

3 Years

6.5 - 7.0


Broadsword Application

Application Form (both sides)

4 Years

7.0 - 7.5

Black Sash First Degree

Double Edge Sword

Spear Form

Short Form 
Mirror Image Side

5 Years 

7.5 - 8.0

Black Sash Second Degree

Spear Exercises

Spear Application Form

Long Form 
Mirror Image Side

Chin Na Dui Da 1 - 6

6 Years 

8.0 - 8.5

Black Sash Third Degree

Applications to Short Form

Applications to Long Form

History of Tai Chi Chuan

Time teaching - 250 hours supervised

7 Years

8.5 & Higher

Black Sash Fourth Degree

Cross train Hsing Yi Chuan

Continued time studying & additional knowledge gained

8 Years

Black Sash Fifth Degree

Continued time studying & additional knowledge gained

9 Years

Black Sash Sixth Degree

Cross train Pa Kua Chuan

Continued time studying & additional knowledge gained

10 Years

Black Sash Seventh Degree

Cross train Qigong

Continued time studying & additional knowledge gained

12 Years

Black Sash Eighth Degree

Cross train Shaolin Weapons

Continued time studying & additional knowledge gained

15 Years

Black Sash Ninth Degree

Continued time studying & additional knowledge gained

20 Years

Black Sash Tenth Degree


Continued time studying & additional knowledge gained

25 Years


Has promoted a student to Master Level

Continued time studying & additional knowledge gained

35+ Years


Name Rank Date Status
Barry Greenberger 1st Degree 5/3/2013 Academy
Carla Navallo 2nd Degree 12/13/2012 Academy
Greg "Z" Zyskowski 2nd Degree 5/21/2012 Academy
Tim "Master Po" Darnell 6th Degree 1/15/2011 Academy
Mark Baker 1st Degree 9/15/09 Autumn Moon Kung Fu Academy
Marvin Dawson 1st Degree 9/15/09 Autumn Moon Kung Fu Academy
Carla Navallo 1st Degree 8/22/09 Academy
David Koentop 1st Degree 10/15/2007 Academy
Robert Roskosz 1st Degree 6/29/2007 Academy
Dennis Glanfield 4th Degree 12/1/2006 Academy
Richard Kosch 2nd Degree 3/15/2006 Academy
Dennis Glanfield 2nd Degree 4/30/2005 Academy
Michael Fogerty 1st Degree 1/16/2005 Academy
Ken Harbina 1st Degree 8/29/2004 Academy
Stephan Pilot 2nd Degree 8/15/2004 Academy
Dennis Glanfield 1st Degree 10/1/2002 Academy
Rosalind Ressner 1st Degree 5/7/1999 Academy
Richard Kosch 1st Degree 5/7/1999 Academy
Kathy Mahan 1st Degree 5/7/1999 Academy
Martin Gennusa 1st Degree 9/30/1997 Academy
Richard Dowling 1st Degree 9/30/1997 Academy


Name Rank Date Status
Diane Veni Elementary 3/10/2011 Academy
MaryAnn Hoffman Elementary 3/10/2011 Academy
Deanna Nisensan Elementary 3/10/2011 Academy
Diane McIntire Elementary 3/10/2011 Academy
Martha Haley Elementary 3/10/2011 Academy
Annette Swain Elementary 3/10/2011 Academy
Janys Mancuso Elementary 3/10/2011 Academy
Stephie Burke Elementary 3/10/2011 Academy
Janine Newman Elementary 9/18/09 Academy
Joe Hollywood Elementary 8/15/09 Academy
Gerry Migliorisi Basic 1/15/08 Academy
Nevette Scarola Basic 1/15/08 Academy
Nancy Minkewicz Basic 1/15/08 Academy
Paul McCabe Basic 1/15/08 Academy
Mary O'Neill Elementary 1/15/08 Academy
Ann Morrissey Elementary 1/15/08 Academy
Audrey O'Neill Elementary 1/15/08 Academy
Alice Gillen Elementary 1/15/08 Academy
Elinor Carlson Elementary 1/15/08 Academy
Motoko Bray Elementary 1/15/08 Academy
Brittany Peace Elementary 8/25/05 Academy
David Wood Elementary 8/16/05 Academy
Ken Harbina Advanced 9/13/2003 Academy
Bob Roskosz Intermediate 9/2/2003 Academy
Ken Harbina Intermediate 5/23/2003 Academy
Ken Harbina Basic  8/16/2002 Academy
Chris Taschler Basic 7/27/2002 Academy
Bob Roskosz Basic 7/27/2002 Academy
Malvine Derrick Basic 6/19/2001 Academy
Andrea Campbell Elementary 12/1/1999 Academy
Patricia Kologe Basic 11/18/1998 Academy
Dan Dugan Basic 11/18/1998 Academy
Betty Jean MacArthur Basic 10/27/1998 Academy
Rosalind Ressner Advanced 3/6/1998 Academy
Richard Kosch Advanced 3/6/1998 Academy
Kathy Mahan Advanced 3/6/1998 Academy
Dennis Glanfied Intermediate 3/6/1998 Academy
Joe Hudek Basic 3/6/1998 Academy
Jeff Schneider Intermediate 9/30/1997 Academy
Ken Papson Intermediate 9/30/1997 Academy
Michael Cecilione Intermediate 9/30/1997 Academy
Richard Kosch Intermediate 2/7/1997 Academy
Kathy Mahan Intermediate 2/7/1997 Academy
Richard Kosch Basic 7/15/1996 Academy
Kathy Mahan Basic 7/15/1996 Academy
Rosalind Ressner Intermediate 2/7/1996 Academy
Rosalind Ressner Basic 3/7/1995 Academy