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Warm-up Exercises



Warm-ups Exercises




IntroductionElyse 9 Years Old Chin To Toe

Warming and stretching is part of every class and every physical activity.   China Hand Kung Fu Academy uses a standard set of exercises for warming up in all styles that we teach.  So, no matter which style or styles you are doing, add these to your daily routine.  I promise, you will reap the results you get from doing these exercises.  

As a rule, all of the Warm-up and Stretching excercises are practiced on the left and right side, thereby balancing out the effect.  We generally do the Warm-ups 10-15 times each but you can do more or less depending on time and your physical condition. 

Here is an example of what can has been accomplished by some of my students...they make me very proud seeing how hard they worked and what was achieved!

Elysse...8 years old doing Chin To Toe in a FULL SPLIT!!!