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Kung Fu Quotes...

You do 1,000 times!

A famous quote from Grandmaster Peter Kwok

Lift your head and drop your shoulders.

A famous quote from Shifu

I am not a meat hook so don't hang on me!!!

A famous quote from Yang Cheng Fu

You can do anything you long as you know how!!!

A famous quote from Grandmaster Mark Gates


From a favorite Hsing Yi Teacher of mine Grandmaster Yang Fukui

More HIT ~ Less SPIT!!!

From my Senior Student...Master Po!

NO Kung Fu faster than Speeding Bullet!!!

Kung Fu Grandmaster...Peter Kwok!

The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.

Some philosopher...Arnold H. Glasgow!


Da Dao Quan - Broadsword FormDa Dao Quan

Broadsword Form

Da Dao Chuan


Broadsword Form

Shaolin Broadsword

Da Dao ~ Darn Dao ~ Chu Ji Dao Shu ~ Elementary Broadsword Play Skill Form

The Shaolin Broadsword is considered the "Commander Of Weapons" and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.   The Chinese sword is referred to as a Dao.  Its' translation in English is Saber or Wide Blade Sword and referred to as a Broadsword.  Usually, the Dao is more than 1 1/2 inches wide.  Broadswords are used by both Northern and Southern stylists.  Many different types of broadswords fall into this category to name a few:

  • Willow Leaf Sword (Lieu Yeh Dao)

  • Executioners Sword (Pok Dao)

  • Ghost head Sword (Guai Taou Dao)

  • Large Chopping Sword (Da Kan Dao)

The broadsword in construction has the following components:

  • The Blade

    • Tip

    • Back edge which is dull

    • Blade edge which is sharp on the first third to two thirds

    • Blood groove which allows the weapon to be withdrawn from the opponent after being thrust into the body

    • The flat edge used to block an opponents weapon

  • The Guard protects the hand from other weapons during its' use

  • The Handle

    • The grip or handle where you hold the sword

    • The pummel at the end of the handle  


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