Shaolin Broadsword

...Commander Of Weapons

 Northern Shaolin 2 Man Long Shaft

Gun ~ Long Shaft

The Shaolin Staff or Long Shaft is considered the "Grandfather Of Weapons" and usually comes to the top of your head or slightly higher.  Made of rattan, the Staff is firm but still flexible when used.  The Chinese name for the Staff is Gun and literally translated to Long Rod.  The Staff is one of the oldest and most convienent weapons because long pieces of wood could be found anywhere.  It uses sweeping, striking, thrusting and spinning techniques and by sliding the Staff through one hand to use the other brings the Staff alive. 

This form was created by Grandmaster Mark Gates.  It uses the techniques of the staff combined with the feeling and sensitivity of Tai Chi Spear to teach its' use. 

Watch Walter & Mike do 2 Man Staff